"Nate's presence is very calming which serves as a perfect counterbalance for the often stressful environment of running a set. His charm is surpassed only by his craft. His philosophy is unselfish, all of his decision making is determined by what's best for the project. His work ethic is flawless. Always the first one to show up to set, the most reliable guy in the business. I trust him with my life."

-Ariel Gardner, director

"Nate Cornett is the definition of a consummate professional, as well as a rare and incredible human being. His experience, breadth of work, immense practical knowledge and truly effective skill, work ethic, endurance, and raw talent are humbling to me every single time I work with him. In addition to all of this he is an absolute pleasure to be around and work with - a friendly, fun, and kind human being, a focused and dedicated talent, and a truly collaborative team player, giving positive vibes from the first shot to the last take."

-Chase Fein, actor/producer

"I think the most important thing with working with a DP is trust. And for over 15 years I've been trusting Nate with every project I do. I trust that he'll not only do a great job, but that he'll take my idea and make it that much better."

-Jon Hill, director

"Nate is my first choice any time I have a shoot. He's extremely versatile and great at helping translate the vision from the page to the screen."

-Casey Donahue, director

"I always count myself lucky when I'm able to work with Nate because I know his footage will look great and the workflow of the day will be smooth. Nate brings an affable ease to set life. A nice calming presence and always gets the job done like a pro."

-Andrew Grissom, producer